The Caregiving Soul:

The Caregiving Soul: The Trailer

Hosted by Dannelle LeBlanc, April 13, 2022


The Caregiving Soul podcast is a series of conversations about what it’s like to care for loved ones in need, and how we can better navigate the relationship, physical, emotional, and logistical complications we encounter as partners in family care.

On this show, Dannelle will be speaking with a variety of guests, including but definitely not limited to caregiving experts, thought leaders, and day-to-day caregivers like us.

About C. Grace Whiting

Dannelle LeBlanc is a Certified Senior Advisor and Caregiving Consultant who loves to help others persevere and grow through difficult life experiences. She blends 20+ years of professional experience in chronic illness and aging-related services with her lived experiences as a caregiver to help individuals and organizations navigate the challenges of family caregiving.

Dannelle is the founder and owner of Caregiver Transitions LLC, a grant award recipient of the North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging to deliver training to those who care for and/or work with older adults.

She has been a leadership member of the DFW Certified Senior Advisor network and is involved in both local and national initiatives related to caregiving and senior services. 


Hello and welcome to The Caregiving Soul. I am your host, Dannelle LeBlanc.The Caregiving Soul podcast is a series of conversations about what it’s like to care for loved ones in need, and how we can better navigate the relationship, physical, emotional, and logistical complications we encounter as partners in family care.

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On this show, I will be speaking with a variety of guests, including but definitely not limited to caregiving experts, thought leaders, and day to day caregivers like us.  

Like many of you, I was just following the groove of my mother’s footsteps as a caregiver when I began caring for my father-in-law who had Parkinson’s disease. Now as a former caregiver, it sometimes feels like I’m learning from the experience in reverse — the lessons keep unfolding as I reflect and learn more about the experiences of others. If we’re meant to be our brother and sister’s keeper, caregiving belongs to all of us as we learn to love with humility. 

In this podcast you’ll join me in conversations that aim to help you navigate the expected and unexpected challenges of caregiving. You’ll also learn how this journey can bring joy, purpose, heartbreak, redemption, growth and honor. My hope is that I, along with my guests, provide you with some helpful resources, insights and actionable tips to help ease the impacts of caregiving and help you feel supported in your caregiving journey.  

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